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What’s the difference between fibre broadband to leased line connectivity?

One of the main differences between broadband and leased line is the technology used for connecting to the Internet. A broadband connection will reach one cabinet from where a cable will go to your home or the organisation. In a leased line, there is no intermediary cabinet. It’s a dedicated fibre line into your business premises, which isn’t shared and a very secure network.

BT ISDN cut-off, what does this mean for my business?

ISDN networks are being switched off in 2025, so if you want to keep your telephone access you will need to transfer to a VoIP phone system and remember it’s not just your phone services you need to think about. It’s everything else that currently uses the old phone network, all your non-voice services connected to PSTN or ISDN lines. Things like alarms, EPOS machines, door entry systems, CCTV, and faxes.

Whether you run a small business or a big one, GBIS Communications has what you need, not only to keep your business connected during the switch off but also to help future-proof your business communications.

Can I port my existing number to a VoIP system?

On the contrary, you’ll be able to keep your current numbers, if you want to. It’s an opportunity to review your numbers and think about whether you still need them all.

One of the big advantages of digital systems over traditional landlines is that you can have the same number on multiple devices, wherever you are. So, customers can ring your office number and you can answer the call literally anywhere you can get an internet connection. You’ll never miss a call again.


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